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All of the specific elements that make up the Google organic search algorithm are focused on one thing – to present the best user experience for each search result.
Google is built on the confidence that users have in finding great results quickly. In order to rank on any search term and increase inbound marketing leads, it is imperative that webmasters show Google what they have to offer and don’t let things like improperly formatted sites or broken links stand in the way of proper rankings.
At MAQQ we offer several services that can help with your inbound marketing efforts:

Inbound Marketing

Keyword Rankings

Track over time where you stand on key terms and what position most users would find your site when searching on that keyword. 

Inbound Links

Get a thorough listing of other sites that link to yours and what authority each page holds. Seen as a vote of confidence by search engines, inbound links provide context to your pages and help solidify what keywords you have authority on.

Social Media Efforts

Get consolidated reporting over time on your social media outreach and how it is contributing to inbound marketing traffic.

SEO Action Items & Website Error Fix List

Get a detailed list of actionable items to help improve the way you present your website to search engines. Ranked by priory of high, medium & low, these items spell out a clear to-do list to improve your efforts.

Brand Mentions

Keep up to date with articles & other websites featuring content with you brand name. This is critical information to building partnerships and momentum.

Competitive Reporting

Gain insight into the performance of other players within your vertical and see where they are exceling.

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