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Online Advertising 

From display ads and remarketing to Facebook campaigns and Twitter there are many channels to acquire customers online.
At MAQQ, we focus on ROI positive media buying, where investment in advertising is surpassed by the profits and benefits realized.
Our online promotion expertise includes:


At MAQQ, we can help you build a client list and stay in touch with them where ever they are online with Remarketing.


With remarketing, we re-engage known customers offsite and present them with text and banner creatives to drive additional revenue.


Remarketing allows advertisers to target previous site visitors regardless of purchases made in the past. This allows the advertiser additional opportunities to drive conversions.



Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that can have a great impact on traffic and mindshare when harnessed properly.


At MAQQ, we build campaigns that reach those most immersed in these dynamic channels.


Facebook and Twitter have both expanded their capabilities to target user's interests and present advertisements to them.


Facebook offers advertisers an ability to ensure ads are shown only to the most relevant consumers. Those consumers are self identified through highly relevant aspects of their profile such as: age, location, education, hobbies and relationship status.  Small images and brief text copy provide a cost per click ad format valuable for many companies.


Twitter offers advertisers the opportunity to promote through tweets and links within the natural flow of news, conversations and entertainment.


YouTube Ads

Online video hubs such as YouTube allow for the display of targeted video content.


Traditional TV commercials can be re-utilized as clickable ad formats shown only to users with specific interests.


With no budget requirements, YouTube allows us to make strategic strikes within very specific content and evaluate the effectiveness of campaign strategies quickly.

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