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Search Engine Marketing has the distinct advantage of capitalizing on a user's intent. When implemented and managed properly Search Engine Marketing can be the most powerful tool in a company's sales funnel.
At MAQQ, we plan, build, and implement robust Search Marketing campaigns for major retailers and manufactures across several verticals. Our expertise in Search Marketing includes:

Search Marketing 

Google Adwords

With over 10 years experience in producing and optimizing AdWords campaigns, we are intimate with every aspect of the platform and would love to help grow your business with highly qualified Google traffic.


AdWords is the flagship advertising tool for Google and its related properties.


Driving traffic on a pay per click pricing model, AdWords is able to present several advertisements related to a user's search.


The most popular ad format within AdWords is the text based copy block. These text ads also feature a display URL showing the user where a click will direct them.


Integrated into many results, Google offers separate product listing ads (PLAs) that feature an image of a single product and a short line of copy.




We will optimize your current Bing/Yahoo presence or help you expand your promotional footprint into AdCenter.


Through a joint venture, Bing and Yahoo both utilize Microsoft's AdCenter search advertising platform. With text ad copy requirements of 25/35/35 creatives can run in parallel to those on other search engines.


The combined traffic of these two search portals in conjunction with their respective networks provides a powerful option for sales generation.


We have been active with AdCenter since its inception and understand its unique requirements and steps to campaign success.  



Content & Site Targeting

We excel at building out and growing separate content targeted campaigns and extending overall ad reach.


Text and traditional display ads can be presented on thousands of high quality websites where the content is used to determine the viewers interests.


While not explicitly search marketing, content marketing and site targeting offer a different channel for ads and campaigns within Google and Bing.

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