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There is Search Marketing Agency in Boston Named MAQQ. What is a Maqq?

Besides search engine marketing questions like “How can I have my ads show up higher in Google?” or “How do I drive more sales with search listings?” We also get asked “What is Maqq?

Before we co-opted the term to be the banner for our online marketing agency north of Boston, the word Maqq had its roots in the proto Gaelic term for “son”. Over time, the term “Maqq” would evolve into the phonetic “Mac” giving a prefix to names such as MacDonald, meaning “Son of Donald” or the shortened Mc in names like McBain meaning “Son of Bain”.

Its history can be found among many large stones dating from the 4th century scattered along the British islands that have text, including the word “MAQQ”, craved into them using something called the Ogham alphabet. The letters would be represented as hash marks written along or through a solid guide line. Here is an example of MAQQ written out in the original Ogham alphabet: ᚛ᚋᚐᚊᚊ᚜. This could be an early instance of display adverting.

The agency Maqq, was started by Don Batsford, Jr., whose father, Don Sr., worked for Bolt Beranek Newman (BBN) for over 12 years. BBN was the company tasked with creating the internet before it had developed into what we know today.

In a sense Don Jr. is a “son of the Internet”. Having not only worked in online advertising for over 15 years, but also having his namesake help shape the online infrastructure that we all utilize today makes the term son be very poignant.

We would love to help you with your search marketing and online advertising efforts. Give us a call at 978.255.4535 or email at

TLDR; MAQQ means “Son” and is now the name of a search marketing agency nestled along the north shore of Boston Massachusetts.

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